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Security without compromises

Focoten encrypts all communication to ensure the highest end-to-end security. Focoten’s cameras are designed to be isolated from the network, and all data are encrypted both on edge and in the cloud. With the “always up-to-date” philosophy – Focoten will ensure the latest software and firmware update is automatically installed to prevent disruptions of services.

Focoten Security


Your mobile phone acts as your second authenticator, no password needed.


All communication channels between; device, cloud, browser are secured by AES-128 and TLS v1.2 protocols.


All archived data are encrypted with AES-256 on the cloud.


All recordings and data are encrypted with AES-128 on the edge.


CAVP (Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program)

  • No more unsecured RTSP streaming or ONVIF interface.
  • Automatic security updates (OTA).
  • Audit Log to document each user’s login activities.
  • NIST CAVP Certification No. A808

How Focoten Implements AI

  • When our camera captures a person or an object of interest, the footage is immediately marked as an event-based clip, and the captured video is instantaneously processed and streamed to the cloud.
  • Focoten’s Cloud AI pipeline will run multiple inferences to identify selected objects and their detailed attributes.
  • Those features will be organized and collected into the Focoten Index Services.
  • Users can quickly obtain critical recorded video footage by filtering through event search engines to expedite the investigation.
  • People filtering attributes includes: upper and bottom clothing color, backpack, headwear.
  • Vehicle Filtering attributes includes: type of vehicle, color, vehicle body type.

Bandwidth Saving

Focoten’s architecture is based on a low bandwidth consumption design. Only 20kbit/s per camera is needed at rest to upload the necessary metadata for a smooth preview and AI-based event detection. This enables quick access to thousands of cameras without putting a heavy load on bandwidth usage and swamping the network.

Our approach to conserve network usage

  • Only important metadata are uploaded continuously to Focoten Cloud Service.
  • When not viewing the live feed, bandwidth consumption will typically remain below 20kbps.
  • Focoten is also designed to complement the latest 4G/5G/LTE mobile technology.
  • Video streaming only when an authorized user requests live or recorded video.
  • Camera's bandwidth can be managed with performance history and statistic logs in the cloud.
  • Focoten will automatically switch to LAN Mode Live Viewing when the connection to the same network is detected – to conserve bandwidth further.
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