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Our Story

Security cameras increasingly provide safety and visual perception through our society nowadays. There are approximately 770 million security cameras installed around the world today, and this number is increasing rapidly, reaching over a billion by the year 2021. Whether you like it or not, they are moving into every corner of our life.

Our team has been building critical software infrastructure for leading camera manufacturers and learned many things along the way. Some good, some not so good...

Focoten is our effort to improve the traditional security camera systems and revolutionize the future of video surveillance systems. We are changing the way we interact with these systems, substantially improving the Security, Privacy, and User-experience of those traditional systems by utilizing the latest cloud, AI, and computer vision technologies.

Our technical expertise can drive much higher productivity and create a safer society. Our team previously built highly distributed cloud software systems, handling the massive amount of internet traffic for customers around the globe. We are very excited and committed to developing the best AI analytics VSaaS Solution for all kinds of scales and scenarios.


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